Sunday, June 23, 2013


Mobile phone becomes a popular communication tool in our life, almost everyone has one cell phone, and some people have two or more cell phones. With the popular of mobile phones, decoration of cell phonecell phone case also becomes hot since 2010 year. Now, in China and many other countries, you can find many shops / people make a living by decorating cell phone case. So, how can we decorate cell phone case? Here are 6 tips from Chinese cell phone decor factory share with you.

1.       Get the tools ready. Generally speaking, to decorate cell phone case, we need a pencil to glue the rhinestone, or pliers and glue.
2.       Prepare the accessory. In 2013 new, metal rhinestone cell phone case decors are the most popular decoration for cell phone case. Besides, we can also order some glass stonesacrylic rhinestones to decorate the cell phone case. Further more, the plain mobile phone shell covers are required. There are many different phone shell covers, such as iphone4, iphone4s,iphone5,Samsung... So, we can order different phone case covers for customers.
3.       Now, all materials ready, it is better to put the accessories on the cell phone case first, to get a pattern we are going to glue. 
4.       Then, stick the big accessories first. Some back of the metal accessories are not flat, how can we do that? We can stick the glue on the crippling part (the part which hug the cell phone case, do not need to get all part with glue). After get the glue on the metal rhinestone accessories, we can put it on the cell phone case as pattern we put before, and wait about 3-5 minutes.
5.       After glue all big accessories, we can also decorate some smaller accessories, such as crystal stones or acrylic/resin rhinestones as the 4 step.
6.       And wait several minutes for the glue get dry and accessories get fixed on the phone case. And a unique cell phone case was designed out. You can decor cell phone case from different rhinestone cell phone case d├ęcor, with different crystal stones, acrylic rhinestones.