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Chinese beads and China beads

"Ring, ring…” In the dark night yesterday, the ring phone awaked me from my sweep dream. “Hello May, this is John from USA, I want to order the Chinese beads from you to make rosaries here…” Oh, this is one of our old rosaries customers. But what kinds of Chinese beads need? There are hundreds of thousands of Chinese beads. So I confirmed the material, shapes, sizes, colors with John then emailed the Chinese beads we talked to confirmed again for the rosary beads.
If you are a beads shop or beads wholesaler or beads retailer, do you know what are Chinese beads or what are China beads? Maybe Google can tell us. So I search Chinese beads and China beads on Google, but unfortunately, there are more than 71,200,000 on Sep.22nd when I search China beads on Google, Most websites are the site the sell beads, very few sites tell me what is Chinese beads, or China beads. Does someone also want to know what are Chinese beads or China beads, and search Google or Yahoo like me?
Having more 8 years in beads making and 4 years in beads exported, here is my point of view for Chinese beads and China beads.
Actually, Chinese beads and China beads means same, we can consider that beads make in China call Chinese beads or China beads. Are some special beads can be representative beads among Chinese or China beads? For example, when we are talking Italy beads, most of the people will consider that are the Italy murano beads. So, when we talk the Chinese beads, can we also consider that are the Chinese crystal beads, or other beads…? We are afraid to say no. As every one knows, China is a big and wealth country. There are 23 provinces ( not including cities and zones), different places good at making different beads, Therefore, if we have to choose one bead or several beads and say those are Chinese beads, or China beads, that is a unilateral.
When we would like to order Chinese beads or China beads, the first important is should think over is the material of the beads. According to different jewelry materials, below are the mainly Chinese beads we can buy from China: acrylic beads ( some people also call plastic beads, acrylic beads usually in clear color, but plastic beads maybe not, so some people divide acrylic beads and plastic beads as two different beads), bone beads, cats eye beads ( also name fiber optic beads because for their effect), CCB beads ( material also is plastic), Cloisonne beads (a special handmade beads from China), coco beads, crystal beads ( one kind of shining glass beads), crackle glass beads, Enamel beads ( usually metal beads with enamel), fimo beads, freshwater pearl beads, gem stone beads ( there are variety of gem stone beads in China, such as agate beads, malachite stone beads, tiger eye beads, rose beads…), glass pearl beads ( many people also called it faux pearl beads), lampwork glass beads, leather beads, metal beads ( such as brass beads, iron beads, silver beads, gold beads…) millefiori glass beads ( also named thousand flower beads), polymer Clay beads, porcelain beads ( some people also called it as ceramic beads), resin beads, rhinestone beads, shell beads, wood beads, woven beads. Because the jewelry material different, so price will be also different.
The shapes of the beads also a main factor when we order Chinese beads or China beads online. So, what shapes does Chinese beads or China beads have. Generally speaking, the round beads is the most popular shape among jewelry beads. Also, we can find the bicone beads, square beads, triangle beads, oblong beads, oval beads, flower beads, leaf beads, animal beads… and plain beads, beads with faceted surface…
After, we shall choose what size of the beads. At present 2-20 mm are the most popular sizes. Does bigger sizes beads we can found in China? Sure, but for bigger sizes, many people will call them pendants.
Then, then hole of the beads also an important factor when order Chinese beads. Most of the beads are with a hole get through from the top to bottom (the vertical hole). However, sometimes we also need hole from the top (horizontal hole we talked), or half hole to make earrings, or without hole.
And, the color of the beads is a main factor to make jewelries. For most of the beads, there is only one color in one bead, but also there are double colors or more colors in one bead, such as acrylic beads, plated crystal beads, lampwork glass beads… That is why order beads online, we should also choose what colors need.
After we consider the above factors of Chinese beads or China beads, are there other factors have to think when order the beads from Chinese beads factory? Yes, we should also know what the beads I going to use. For example, if I want to order beads of road making, then we will recommend you to order such as road making glass beads, not jewelry beads. If you would like to order beads to make beaded charms for mobile phones, then we will say, 3-4 mm beads or small glass seed beads will be better than large beads such as 10 mm or bigger, because if you use these beads to make charms, the charms will be very big and heavy for the mobile phones. While, if you need to make beaded decoration, the 10mm, 12mm, 14mm beads will be better. When you need beads to make rosaries like our friend John, 3-12 mm beads will be better than other size.
When all above finish, the last is to write the quantity of the beads needed to finish order Chinese beads or China beads.
Till now, do you have some good idea for how to order China beads or Chinese beads?

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Cabochon – a popular jewelry accessory in 2012

Cabochon, is a gemstone which has been shaped and polished as opposed to faceted. In the early stage, Cabochon mainly made of gemstone, with cabochon jewelry getting popular day by day, many material of cabochons designed out. Below are the mainly used cabochons nowadays:
1.       Gemstone Cabochon – there are also many different kinds of gemstones cabochons, such as cats eye gemstone cabochons, tiger’s eye stone cabochon, rose cabochons, malachite stone cabochons… Because gemstones material is natural, so price of gemstone cabochons usually higher than other material cabochons.
2.       Glass cabochons – according to different techniques, we can found Chinese crystal glass cabochons, millefiori glass cabochons, lampwork glass cabochons, crackle glass cabochons among glass cabochons.
3.       Pearl Cabochons – now plastic pearl cabochons are the manly cabochons people used for pearl cabochons.
4.       Metal Cabochons – usually, metal cabochons will be match with some crystal stone or acrylic stones, resin stones to make more fashion.
5.       Rhinestone Cabochons – this is the most popular cabochons now days. Also, there are different rhinestone cabochons, including metal rhinestone cabochons, acrylic rhinestone cabochons, resin rhinestone cabochons, crystal rhinestone cabochons…
Most of cabochons will come in round, oval, drop, heart, square. Some special shapes also custom in Cabochons jewelries factory. Regarding the shape, there are many different shapes among metal rhinestone cabochons because we can make new metal moulds and glue different stones to make it.
After we know what a cabochon is, how can we use the cabochon?
In the past, cabochons usually used to makerings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.

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