Friday, January 17, 2014


Fridge magnets are not only hot promotional gifts, but also popular souvenir gifts. Why? Because fridge magnets can be made in different shapes, or printed with different logos, pictures. So, fridge magnets also called as promotional fridge magnets, advertising fridge magnets, souvenir refrigerator magnets. How to order fridge magnets to promote your business? And how can we make custom fridge magnets for souvenir gifts from Chinese fridge magnets factory? Here are 7 tips for custom fridge magnets from China

1.       choose the shape and size of the fridge magnets. For example, rectangular fridge magnets in 80*53mm is a hot size fridge magnets.
2.       Send your design or logo to Chinese fridge magnets factory (To make the printed clearly, it is better to send pic more than 500*500 pixel, or in ai, cdr format)
3.       If you do not have designs, Toptopgifts will be very happy to offer free design fridge magnets.
4.       Choose how the back of the fridge magnets you like. Some customers will prefer same color/style as front, while some people will choose it in white color. Further more, some company will print their logo, website, or item number on the back.
5.       Chinese fridge magnets factory will make artwork for you to confirm.
6.       After you confirm the artwork, we will start to production or make samples confirm first.
7.       Usually, each fridge magnet will be in one opp bag. Some company also need custom opp bag with head to hang it. These fridge magnet opp bag maybe print with bar code, website, address, tel and so on.

Have you plan to order custom fridge magnets? Welcome to contact Toptopgifts any time. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Gifts have become a popular element in China, and even in the world. Why? In the past decade years, living, eating and wearing was leading topics among Chinese people. However, now, living in China improved, people have much money to do something, such as travel, investment… Therefore, gifts are going popular day by day in China.
What kinds of gifts are popular in China? Generally speaking, there are mainly two kinds of gifts:  personalized gifts andbusiness gifts
Personalized gifts are mainly for person, individuality. Such as birthday gifts,wedding giftsmother’s day giftsfather’s day gifts… Personalized gifts mainly bought by individuality, many people will spend a large amount to buy a special gift for he or her. Unique beaded gifts or cell phone case covers are popular personalized gifts since 2012 year.
city fridge magnets China
Gifts are not only popular in our daily life, but also in business. InChina, many people will prepare a gift when visit their business partners. What kinds of gifts will be recommended for business? Gifts which related to business, such as office suppliespencil boxes, pens…or gifts represent good luck are hot for business. Most of the Chinese business man will prepare a noble business gift for their business partner, such as crystal gifts. Because the gift is a symbol of you, people will not prepare a cheap or bag gift for a business partner. There is a custom in China saying “礼尚往来”, it means if some one give you a gift, you shall also prepare a gift to he or her. It is very important in China, so if you business partner take a gift when visit you, then most of people will also prepare a gift when visit the parent next time. 
Business gifts are also popular in public. Many companies will make promotional gifts to give away, it is a hot market strategy in business. Printed or custom promotional gifts are the hot promotional gifts all the time. Many companies will order logo or custom badgesfridge magnetskeychains, shopping bags, pens, fans, leaflets and provide to public.